Tinman Creative Studios Holiday Card designed by Brett Jubinville, modelled it as a personal hard surface study.
As Quiet AS A Mouse
Cleaned up the models, designed the interior and modelled, textured, shaded a part of it.
Textured and shaded characters, props, and sets.

Rigged all the characters and props, lit the scenes, created simulations, and set up the renders for the whole song.

Animated the entire project from start to finish, both human and animal characters. Produced layouts based on the storyboards provided.

The Bear Went Over The Mountain
Designed and modelled the sets and populated them with trees and foliage on the preproduction stage of the project. 
Tested fur and feathers groom for the characters for the look development stage.
Created layout and animation for the song.
Carl's Car Wash & Carl's Big Adventure
Designed, modelled and textured characters, sets, vehicles, and props for Season 1 and 2 of the show.
Provided effects and simulations such as cloth, dust, fire and smoke, water, snow, body collision effects.
Animated, created layouts, rigged some of the props, sets and vehicles.
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